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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Get Your Complete Job/Career/Professional Vedic Astrology Report

Are you worried about Job Loss or worried about when you will get job after education then you are at right place. Get a complete Job/Career/Profession related Vedic Astrology report for Rs 999 only.

The matters pertaining to Profession are probably the most important among all the possible events and happenings of life since all other things are related to these in some way or other. This exhaustive Astrology Report provides all the useful information you may ever wish to know about. It not only provides the precise nature of events, but also furnishes narrow-range timing of events with accuracy.

In this report you will get
Suitable Streams of Profession & Favorable Commodities to deal in
The Size of the Organization & the Direction of the Workplace
Whether you will join in Service or remain engaged in Business?
Transfer, Change, and Switching over from one stream to another
Unexpected developments, Disciplinery Proceedings, Setback, etc.
Important Observations & Timings from 'Progression of RAMC'
Important Age-periods from 'Longitude-Conversion' of Planets
Important Observations & Timings from the 'Synodic Lunations'
Important Observations & Timings from 'Ascendant Progression'
Important Age-periods gleamed from the 'Ashtaka-Chakra cycle'
Important Age-periods from the 'Nakshatra-Counting method'
Important Age-periods from 'Ashtaka-Varga' ( SAV, BAV, & 'KS')
Predictions from important 'Yogas', Yoga-Bhanga, & 'Dhana-Yogas'

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